Licensed Jumbo Bread Puni Maru Squishies Coming!

Hello everyone!

We are very excited to announce that we will soon be carrying the Licensed Jumbo Bread Puni Maru Squishies. These squishies are SUPER JUMBO and SUPER SQUISHY, with DOUBLE scented bread! There will be three different bread types, all with their own individual flavors. They will come in beautiful packaging that we know you all will love.

We expect to be getting these around the end of May to be ready to be shipped out at the end of the month, or first week of June. To get you guys excited we are including a sneak peak of these amazing JUMBO squishies! Check out the videos below to see how wonderfully jumbo, cute and squishy they are 🙂 We have also included an image of what’s to come from their gorgeous packaging design. Check back in with us at the end of the month to snag these squishies!

cornet packaging croissant packaging





Squishies On Their Way!

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce that the iBloom Orange and Grapefruit Squishies are on their way, and should be delivered very soon!

Thank you for your patience. 🙂



iBloom Pre-Orders Update #2

Hello kawaii people!

We are letting you all know that iBloom pre-orders shipped out on Monday 12/14. So, for those of you who ordered, do not worry. You will have your squishies soon 🙂



iBloom Squishy Pre-Orders Update

Welcome back everyone!


We just wanted to keep you guys updated on the iBloom pre-orders. They are on their way, and we should have them by early next week the latest. As soon as we get them, we will ship them out. Do not worry! We will get these squishies to your doorstep before Christmas.


Thank you again for all of the support <3



Cute Cartoon Sumikko Gurashi Squishy Charm With Original Package

Hello & welcome back!

Today we are very excited to announce that we are now carrying the new San-X line of Sumikko Gurashi squishies!

This line of squishies is actually very interesting when considering what the characters represent in Japanese culture. The literal translation of the word Sumikko Gurashi is “Corner Living”, which refers to the generalization that Japanese people tend to be extremely shy. Each character has a personality of their own, but each touch upon the same principle.

So, without further ado, let’s meet our terribly shy, but terribly cute characters…



From left to right: Neko holding Zassou, Shirokuma holding Furoshiki, Pengin? holding Tapioka, Tonkatsu holding Tempura.


This is Neko! She is a shy cat, often facing the corner. The corner is the best place for her to sharpen her claws.


Meet Shirokuma! He is a white bear who lived in the north, but hated the cold, so he packed up his things and ran away. He fears strangers, and feels the most comfortable when he can relax and have a warm cup of tea.


Here’s Pengin?! This cute, little guy seems to be having an identity crisis, hence the “?” after his name. He constantly questions himself, and has absolutely no confidence. In the past he wore a plate on his, which made hi look like a Kappa (water sprite), a legendary creature from Japanese folklore.


Welcome Tonkatsu! He is a piece of pork cutlet; an accident left behind on the plate. He is 1% meat and 99% fat. He is very greasy and oily, and loves to hide behind the soy sauce on the table.

Now that you have met all of these cute characters, it’s time for you to collect them all! We are carrying them over at CharmsLOL. Please check them out here, all in their original packaging!

Please let us know how much you love these adorable squishies <3



New i-Bloom Squishies!

Hey squishy peeps!

We have brand new i-Bloom squishies that we are so excited about, and we know you’ll love them too. We’ve got the i-Bloom NEG Welsh Onion Squishy, i-Bloom Snowy the Polar Bear Squishy, and i-Bloom Millie the Whale Squishy. Check them out!

Photo Sep 21, 12 49 15 PM

This is the new i-Bloom NEG Welsh Onion Squishy! It is super squishy, and 11.5 inches long. Find it on CharmsLOL here!

Photo Sep 21, 12 50 05 PM

This is the new i-Bloom Snowy the Polar Bear Squishy! Isn’t it cute? Find Snowy on CharmsLOL here!

Photo Sep 21, 12 52 42 PM_white


This is the new i-Bloom Millie the Whale Squishy! A must have for your collection. Find Millie on CharmsLOL here!

Hurry over to CharmsLOL now before they are gone. Thank you so much for your continued support.




iBloom I Love Peach Squishies are back!

Hello squishy lovers!

We are very excited to tell you about the new batch of iBloom I love Peach Squishies that we have received! They were such a huge hit that they now come in two new colors; Yellow Orange and Pearl Pink. The Pearl Pink is shimmery and beautiful, and the Yellow Orange is vibrant and bright. The original Lovely Pink and Yellow Pink can still be collected, but they are back in new, elegant packaging.

Just below, we have the Pearl Pink and Yellow Orange to show off, as well as the new packaging. Check them out!

Photo Sep 08, 4 47 12 PM Photo Sep 08, 4 42 50 PM Photo Sep 08, 4 42 41 PM

Photo Sep 08, 4 47 00 PMPhoto Sep 08, 4 43 30 PM Photo Sep 08, 4 43 22 PM

As anyone familiar with the squishy world knows, these are a rare must have in your squishy collection! These squishies smell just like peaches, and the scent is incredible! They are slow risers, as well, proving that squishies do not get any better than this. Check out this video showing off how squishy they really are!

Hurry on over to CharmsLOL and snag these amazing, high quality squishies before they are gone.

<3 CharmsLOL

New Packaging!

Hello squishy lovers!

Currently, we are trying out our new packaging designed by us here at CharmsLOL. Right now our new packaging is being used on the Jumbo Turtles and Mini Turtles as well as the Jumbo 28cm French Bread Squishy Wrist Pads.

If you are anxious to check out our new packaging for other squishies on our store, no worries! There will be more squishies to join the new packaging line soon. Eventually, we hope to have more specific packaging for particular squishies to be wrapped in. For example, we currently have our CharmsLOL packaging, but later we hope to have Jumbo Turtles to be packaged in exclusively designed Turtle packaging. Exciting right? We’re designing packaging! What’s next? Designing CharmsLOL exclusive squishies? Why not! We’ll see 😉

BUT, for now we have our Charmslol Mascot, Charmasaurus on our packaging! 🙂 We hope to trademark Charmasaurus very soon.
Check out our super cute new packaging that we are very proud of below. If you haven’t added these squishies to your collection, do so now and be the first to break open our new packaging. 🙂
Photo Aug 31, 2 25 21 PMPhoto Aug 31, 1 40 27 PM Photo Aug 31, 1 40 32 PM Photo Aug 31, 2 07 26 PM

Just In From Japan – Sanrio Gudetama Gunya Squeeze Mascot Squeeze Toy!

Hi, Squishy Enthusiasts!

The latest edition to CharmsLOL is the Sanrio Gudetama Gunya Squeeze Mascot Squeeze Toy.

These are not your typical squeeze toys. Most squeeze toys have a little character that pops out of the toy when squeezed, but these squeeze toys have the character encased in an egg. This egg is filled with plain water and a Gudetama Gunya Mascot inside. So, when you squeeze, the Gudetama Gunya Mascot does not pop out but stays within the egg. See the pictures below so you know what we mean!

NS0236-1-Product (1) NS0236-2-Product (1)

This is a high-quality Japanese product that we purchased from our NIC supplier. These are 100% authentic licensed Sanrio products.

This squeezed toy comes in two fun styles. The first style is a clear egg, and you can see the cute character inside the egg at all times. When you squeeze it you can easily watch Gudetama Gunya move around.

The second style is the white egg version, colored by the white colored water inside this egg. Therefore, it’s hard to see Gudetama Gunya in the egg at first, but when you squeeze, you’ll find the Gudetama Gunya Mascot hiding inside!

You will want to add this unique very kawaii squeeze toy to your collection. No need to worry about any chemicals. The liquid within the squeeze toy is just plain water. Get one or both here at CharmsLOL!

Pom Pom Purin Squishies!

Pom Pom Purin is a fun loving golden retriever dog Sanrio character. He first appeared in 1996. Pom Pom Purin lives in a basket at his owner’s house. His favorite activity is hiding shoes. He has several friends, but his best friends include a hamster called Muffin, a mouse named Scone, and a bird. He always has a brown beret on top of his head.

NIC has again captured Pom Pom Purin’s kawaii face on six more exciting squishies. There are three new puddings and three new French toast. All of these squishies are the high quality squishies that you have come to expect from NIC. And of course these are authentic Sanrio licensed products.

The new pudding squishy comes in three exciting colors. There is a plain version, strawberry version and chocolate version. These are very cute. You might want to collect all 3! These adorable squishies have been very popular.

Then there are the new and very original Pom Pom Purin French Toast Squishies. These Sanrio squishies are very kawaii. Just like the puddings there is a plain, strawberry and chocolate version. All three have his cute face on front, a berry and some flavor of sauce.

These are limited in quantity so do not wait too long to add these wonderful squishies to your collection. If you pick them up, please comment below!